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If you experience fear as a business owner and are having side effects such as, procrastination, not getting your goals accomplished, not following up with prospects as promised or simply never getting started on marketing your business - you're not by yourself!

Considered as the #1 reason why most women don't accomplish their business goals, fear can be a huge obstacle to your success. However, it can also fuel your success when you know how to handle it and get past it.

Welcome to the Running Your Business Solo Audio!

trina newby pic1Hi, it's Trina your Busines Success Coach!

This audio is a teleclass recording that I presented and it's all about learning to be more efficient and proacive as a business owner and taking a leadership role in ensuring that you have outlined a operations plan and workflow system that will help you to generate more revenue.

As a business owner myself, I know the challenge of multi-tasking and handling all of the day-to-day tasks and feeling overwhelmed.  However, there is a better way to manage your day-to-day operations, accomplish your business goals and generate revenue! 
Stay tuned for all new Working Solo courses, where I'll show you how to start making it happen when it's just you!
sales graphic imageIt's no secret that if you want to make money in business, you need a steady stream of customers that are willing to purchase.  In other words, you must have consistent sales!  In order to create that consistency, it all must begin with you knowing how to close the sale once a prospect has shown interest. 
Oftentimes, businesswomen confuse sales with marketing and think that the two are interchangeable.  However, they are quite different, but dependent upon one another.  Marketing is the system of attracting individuals to your products and/or services through the use of advertisement, social media, landing pages, word-of-mouth and many other strategies. Sales is the process of converting a lead into a customer.  If the prospect purchases your products/services, you have effectively closed the sale. However, remember that sales can only occur after marketing has taken place.  This can include not only all of the marketing you did to generate leads, but follow up and actually talking with or presenting to your prospects as well.

woman holiday shopping onlinePreparing Your Online Business for the Holiday Season!

by Trina Newby, Business Success Coach
While consistent marketing should be practiced all year long, planning special campaigns for the holiday season is a good thing!  So, there’s no better time than now to create your online holiday marketing plan to generate even more revenue during the season!
According to the online magazine, The American Genius the US has grown from $176 billion in retail sales in 2010 to an expected $276 billion in 2015.  So, online shopping is at an all-time high and large online retailers have given consumers such a great experience ordering online with great customer service, fair refund policies and low or free shipping that they continue to come back for more!
Below, find 7 ways to get started with your holiday marketing campaign:

power of follow up for business women 400The Power of Follow Up
For Business Women e-Report!

More Connections, More Clients, More Money!

Do you want to know the secret to how big companies are getting customer/clients to say "yes" to their services and products?  Do you want to know what only 10% of businesses in your industry are using to get more than 75% of all of the clients or customers?  It has everything to do with developing an efficient follow up system!

woman thinking followup2If you would have followed up on important tasks, connections and opportunities, would you be further ahead with your business? Most business women answer a resounding yes to that question and yet many will also admit that they have no “Follow Up System” in place.

For a small business owner, following up is just not about making sure things get done. It’s also about structure, organization and it’s part of a bigger system that can assist you in accomplishing your business vision!

Women About Biz is proud to introduce to you the 2016 Women's History Month Honorees!  Each of these women have contributed to a better world through their tireless efforts and passion to encourage, educate and help others.

Pictured below: Sister Mary madona Ashton, CSJ, Daisy Bates, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Isabel Gonzalez, Ella Grasso, Suzan Shown Harjo; Judy Hart, Oveta Culp Hobby, Barbara Mikulski, Inez Milholland, Karen Narasaki, Nancy Grace Roman, Bernice Sandler, nadine Smith, Dorothy C Stratton, and Betty Mae 'Pa-Tuth-Kee' Tiger Jumper, 

Review more about the 2016 National Women's History Month Honorees below and make sure you visit the Women's History Month Project (click here to vist now!) to read about the honorees in detail!

her business strategy guide coverDeveloping a Burning Desire to Succeed!

Have you completed your business strategy for 2015?  If your answer is no, you definitely need the Her Business Strategy Guide!

Don't Take Self-Doubt Into the New Year!

by Trina Newby, Business Success Coach

woman self doubt article2Towards the end of each year, I'm always encouraging business women to strategize and take action on what it is they want to do with their lives and business for the next year. You see, many women are feeling like they are in a time warp, because they are back at the same spot they experienced the previous year. 

her dream business image2Introducing Her Dream Startup, a program designed just for women who are ready to start their own business or for those who are in business and need to get back to the basics!

The program is scholarship-based and blends the power of coaching and audio courses for education and support. Because the program is virtual, women can participate from the comfort of their home or preferred location.

Learn More!

New Member Benefits Coming Soon!

trina newby pic1Greetings and thank you for your interest in joining Women About Biz.  I'm Trina Newby, CEO/Founder and I'm exciting about all of the new features coming in 2018!

Currently our membership offerings are being restructured to include more incredible benefits including courses, group coaching and more. Please complete the form below and we'll make sure to let you know that we are accepting membership applications.


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list building 101 coverList Building 101

The Basics of Turning Visitors Into Subscribers!

Whether you haven an online business or you're needing to better understand the techniques of attracting visitors to your website to subscribe to your mailing list - this special PDF report will help you!

Written by Women About Biz founder and Business Success Coach, Trina Newby, List Building 101 is a simple-to-read PDF report that breaks down the basics of list building and how to create your list building system.

Throughout every season of our lives and through all of the challenges and joys, let us remember that through Christ all things area possible.  Continue to glorify Him in all you do in your business and He will not forsake or forget you!

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