3 Ways to Gain Business Clarity

Hi, it's Trina Newby, CEO/Founder of Women ABout Biz and host of Successful Woman Radio.  As you plan for your business first tquarter 2017.

1. Get all of your ideas out of your mind! It's important to get all of your ideas and things you want to experience in the new year out of your mind and onto paper!  So, schedule 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time to brain-dump.  That's right, all of those incredible things swirling around in your head are only causing you to lose focus.

2. Prioritize!  Prioritize and highlight the ideas or goals you would like to take action on for first quarter 2017.  Now this doesn't mean that you'll just toss the other items that you didn't prioritize yet.  You'll need to schedule more planning sessions to figure what you'll be workiing on in second, third and fourth quarters. 

3. Take advantage of a PowerTalk Session!  This is a FREE 45-minute session where I'll go over with you items that you've prioritized and share ways you can organize and make it happen faster.  I'll also help you to determine if there are items missing.  Click Below to claim your FREE PowerTalk!