Letting Go of Negative Baggage

negative baggage image

As women, we are complex, emotional and incredible beings.  We have a tendency to hold on to everything that we experience in life and some of those things that we hold on to can be quite negative and are impacting our lives in a negative manner today.  Many refer to this as holding on to negative or excess baggage.

 Areas of our life that can cause us to hold on to negative baggage can include:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Words of the Naysayers
  • Negative Environments
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Past Business Failures

I define negative baggage as any experience, self-talk, or habit that is emotionally and negatively contributing to your life.  Negative baggage can take away from your life's abundance rather than contributing to it.

From my own personal experience, I know that if you don't rid yourself of negative baggage, it can grow and fester in your life and prevent you from being the wealthy woman, the woman of abundance that you truly desire to be.

Below are 8 ways to eliminate negative baggage and put it in the trash where it belongs:

1. Admit that you have baggage that's contributing negatively in your life.  Life has its ups and down and there is no perfect life, so everyone on this earth has some type of negative baggage. However, it doesn't mean that we have to hold on to it and store it in our minds.  Oftentimes, it's us that is contributing to the baggage with our negative thinking and self-talk, as well as habits. 

By your admission you're putting yourself in a position to want to do something about it.  Talking with a life coach or counselor can really help with this if you feel that you need someone to hold you accountable.

2. Learn about the power of your sub-conscious mind.  In his book, "Excuses Begone", Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the power of the sub-conscious mind and how it is within a person's own power to write over what it has absorbed.  That means that you can reprogram yourself with positive habits and thoughts to change the negative emotions that your sub-conscious mind can send to your conscious mind.

NOTE: A great book to read on this is "The Power of Your Subsconscious Mind" by Josephy Murphy.

3. Be Willing to Let Go!  Dwelling on things that are not contributing to your happiness or success is not good at all.  Are you willing to let go of the negatives?  Are you willing to rid yourself of habits that are holding you back?  If you are, prove it to yourself by taking ACTION

4. Set Boundaries or Signals for Yourself.  One of the first ways to start ridding yourself of negative baggage is to set boundaries. 


#1 If you know that talking to a particular person always brings you down then you must either learn to redirect the conversation to a positive mode or be willing not to talk with the person.  Individuals who seem to be in a frequent negative state of mind respond well to positive questions.

#2 If poor time management is causing you to miss out on certain opportunities, make it a commitment to be at the appointed location 30 minutes early.  Schedule travel time before and after the appointment, so you won't mis-schedule other appointments as well.

#3 If you have a tendancy to have great ideas, but don't take action then you need to work with a coach to help hold you accountable and help you to gain organization and structure.

5. Work on How You Think!  If you've experienced negative baggage, chances are that it also triggers you to think in a counterproductive manner.  This often causes negative self-talk whenever memories of a negative experience rise to the surface.

Below is an example of a positive thought that is turned into negative self-talk:

"I want to be successful at this business"

Negative Self-Talk
"Yes, but you've tried before and you've never been able to succeed"

Based on the example above this kind of thinking can cause a person to be in a "yo-yo" sydrome with their emotions going up and down.  In turn this can cause a person to feel unsure about themselves and unable to complete their goals or achieve their vision.

6. Hold a Let It Go Ceremony!  Write your negative baggage down on a piece of paper, burn or shred it and LET IT GO! 

7. Practice the Power of Positive Thinking.  Positive thinking is a step in the right direction.  Create short affirmations (phrases or sayings) that you can print or write on 3x5 index cards and keep them with you.  It's a good way to stay in the positive.

8. Practice the Rubber Band Method!  Place a rubber band around your wrist and snap yourself each time you catch yourself having a negative self-talk moment or you're allowing others to speak negatively around you.  After the snap replace the self-talk with a positive affirmation or remove yourself from the negative environment or individual.

By ridding yourself of negative baggage a whole new world of possibilities can open up to you.  You'll experience more confident thinking, better focus and an inner peace that brings about a wealthy state of mind!