Are you tired of not seeing results in your business?


Do you wish you had someone that will help you to work through your fears and challenges of running your business?

Would you like to be empowered with tools and resources that will help you to achieve maximum results?

Look no more - Women About Biz Coaching Is Here For You!

Business Coaching for Women is an effective technique used in encouraging, motivating, and empowering women with the right tools to accomplish a defined goal or set of goals.

As women, we are indeed different from men when it comes to running a business.  We are naturally nurturers and when we start a business, it becomes our "baby" that we love and hold close to us.  But in order for our business to succeed financially, we must allow it to grow up.  That means we must be clear on our business vision and our goals.

Because of  the focus, guidance and resources needed in starting or growing your business, business coaching is essential in helping you to achieve your goals. 

We are available to help you create the successful business you desire!  Our unique coaching techniques are designed especially for women who mean business!  We use an 8-point process to help you gain clarity and see results.  They include:

  • A process of effective questioning that will help you to gain clarity and direction
  • Identifying goals you would like to see accomplished
  • Identifying and prioritizing tasks to support your goals
  • Utilizing a master planning system to plot your goals and tasks
  • Identifying and discovering solutions to challenges and habits that are interfering with accomplishing your goals
  • Establishing accountability measures that will keep you on track and focused
  • Providing you with encouragement, motivation, support and resources that keep you moving forward
  • Celebrating your accomplishments and identifying the success techniques that got you there